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Thank you so much for visiting me here on the World Wide Web!

I am a Denver Based–

Freelance Writer & Inbound Marketing Strategist for:

Dental+Health+Wellness+Beauty Industries 

I Specialize in Web Content, Blog Articles, and Email Marketing for those in the Beauty, Cosmetic, Dental, Fitness, Cannabis and Health Fields!

I Create Content That Offers Real Results

–By Helping Businesses:

–Establish Authority

–Build Their Brand

–Increase Client Bookings

–Retain/Gain Customer Base

–Earn More Money

–and Save Time

In Other Words—I Create Content For:

–Lifestyle & Beauty Blogs

–Salons, Spas, Medical Spas, Health Spas

–Beauty Schools, Estheticians, Stylists, Colorists, Manicurists

–Fashion & Makeup Blogs

–Dental & Medical Offices/Blogs

–Gyms, Yoga Studios, Massage Therapy Centers, Physical Therapy Centers

–Cannabis Marketers, Bloggers, Promoters, Educators

If you are a professional in any of these listed industries, I’m sure that you’ve noticed how much your hours and time have increased with your dedication to customer/patient service, and your marketing and web content load has doubled–

And as you already know, your online presence and marketing strategy is much more important now than ever before to be successful–

If you want to earn more money, spend more time with your family, and just focus on what you do best, there are a few things that you MUST do:

–Have a current, high quality informational website

–Have productive SEO throughout your marketing

–Have consistent inbound marketing in place

But……if you don’t have time to be a full-time hairstylist, yoga instructor, dental office, or a cannabis promoter who is cranking out 60+ hours a week–all while trying to keeping the content current on your website or blog–just so your online presence will be strong—–I completely understand and That’s Where I Come In!!

My name is Ilee, and I am a Freelance Writer & Inbound Marketing Strategist for the Dental+Health+Wellness+Beauty Industries 

When you work with me, I will create an inbound marketing strategy that will show your future clients/customers/patients/students–why they should come to you for your products or services.

You’ll be saving time and energy, as customers will choose you, choose your brand, and your authority will grow, right along with your bottom line!

Ilee DeSoto—Freelance Writer & Inbound Marketing Strategist


Ready to start saving precious time and earning more money? 

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Why Work With Me You Might Ask?

Words are very powerful little things!  They are very important in explaining procedures, products, effects, technology, etc.

Though words and articles cannot replace the advice of a professional expertise, they can still help to educate, inform, excite and inspire readers to act!

With my background in Dental Assisting, Cosmetology, Health, Fitness and Hemp, I make sure that your content is backed with the most reputable studies and resources available, all while keeping my content reader-friendly, enjoyable and exciting!

If you believe we would be a good fit, then let’s chat, feel free to contact me with details about your latest project, blog, website, or article–

I can’t wait to work with you!

To Your Success–Ilee