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Frequently Asked Questions–Answered Here

Wondering what it’s like to work with me?

What can I offer for you and your business?

Here are the answers to some of the questions that I’m often asked by potential clients:

Do I Have To Commit To Regular Content?

Many clients who request my writing content ask me to create regular content to strengthen their online presence, but if you are only needing a single or a few pieces of content to support your marketing, I am very happy to do this too.

Can I Contract You To Write Regular Content For Me?

I would be happy to do this, (for example, on a monthly, weekly, or assigned basis), in line with your business needs.  I would just need to know how regular you would need new content created.

Can You Create New Ideas For My Content?

Your time is spent running your business, as it should be, so, that’s where I can help. I would be happy to write for your blog, website or other marketing materials, and I am happy to come up with creative and quality content, but I do charge a slightly higher fee, as it takes extra time on my end.

But, if you just need me to write content that you have already started, I can continue to write based on your area of content, just let me know and we can go from there.

Can You Make My Content Sound Like Me?

If you have any former produced content and are happy with the voice used, I can use the clues from these and get as close as possible, so no one can guess that you are using a ghostwriter.

If we are just starting out, we can chat about how you’d like your voice and style to come across, and how you feel that if would best reflect your personality.

Either way, working together, we can make sure that the content will sound like you and that you’re comfortable with it.

Will You Still Work With My Competitors?

My goal is to create a strong working relationship with my clients because I love helping them grow their businesses, and in doing so I commit myself to writing content that supports and enhances their goals.  This investment on both ends, means that I will agree not to take on any direct competitors while we are working together–especially if you are wanting more than one project from me.

How Will I Receive My Content?

Normally we would set a day for me to send your content (usually in line with your needs, and based on the contract deadline).  I will then send the content as a Word Document or through Google Docs, your choice.

How Do I Pay You?

I generally send invoices by Facebook or Zoho, which will give you the option to pay directly via credit card, I also accept Paypal.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.