Freelance Writer & Inbound Marketing Strategist


Compelling Copy That Turns Prospects Into Customers

You need a writer that can tell a story of how your product, service, or experience saved the day.

Maybe you need you need a landing page to convert information seekers into customers.

Or perhaps, you need an author who can explain concepts in an easy to understand approach.

With my background and experience, I can help you do just that!

Positioning your products, services, and brand so that it targets your market’s needs and their desires.

My Services Include:

—Articles, Blogs, and Content Marketing—Writing original, SEO rich content for articles, blogs and websites

—Websites, Emails, and Copywriting—Creative content for websites, landing pages, and outbound emails, improving web presence

—Social Media—Creating high-level content across multiple channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more

—Feature Stories—Magazine and newspaper feature stories

—Ghost Writing—Writing quality content for sites, print, etc as an established brand

—White Papers—Informing readers about a report or guide that helps them understand an issue

Topics That I Specialize In Include:








—Modern Life


—Social Media

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